Training Can Be Done for Any Dog, Any Breed, and With Any Issues

When you first get a dog, there are often many thoughts. Am I going to be a paw-some dog owner, do I have the time and energy for my new pet? Finding a dog trainer in Orange County can help answer all your questions and in no time, you will have a bond with your dog and a pet you will be proud to own. Learning from me, the K9 Mentalist and dog trainer that knows about behaviors, dog psychology and effective rewards is the beginning of the training journey. Here are just a few of my tips when it comes to training your furry friend.

Exercise is great for you and your dog

A dog that gets a lot of exercise will have less negative behaviors then one that sits at home all day and is bored. Going out with your dog is a great way to bond. This will bring a better relationship and can help with undesirable behaviors. Also the exercise will release adrenaline and other hormones in the dog, and they will be less aggressive and will listen more.

When there are some reasons or occasions that you cannot take your dog out as often or as long as they would like to go, there are options that a dog trainer in Orange County can help with. There is treadmill training as well as options such as putting weight in a dog pack for the walk.

A good walk or jog with your dog also gives you a bonus! You will get more exercise; this can help your physical and mental health and make you a better owner.

Be the leader

Training your dog can take time and energy, from a puppy to an older dog. A dog needs to learn boundaries, what is allowed and what is not. When your dog knows their limits they will be better behaved.

Ultimately you need to prove to your dog that you are in control. When going out a door, you need to lead out the door and not your dog. This reminds your dog that you choose when and where you walk. Working with a dog trainer like me in Orange County will give you tips on how to ensure that you are the leader, and this will help you control your dog. This is not done by pure strength or aggression, but by understanding your dog’s psychology.

Pillars of using dog psychology in training

Many people study human psychology. This helps them understand how people work, how we interact, and how we learn. Dog psychology is learning all of the same concepts, but for dogs.

One form of training is rewards or clicker training. There are many tips to follow when using rewards as part of the training. Dogs will learn to respond to treats when using good behavior. It is important that you use the right treat and at the right time.

Consistency is a crucial part of using dog psychology in training. This reiterates the need to be the leader. A dog needs to know their limits and boundaries; when you are training you need to ensure that you give the same command and the same response every single time. If you do not follow through, then your dog may not take you seriously and you have lost your leadership role. There may be some challenges for your dog, so ensure that what you are asking from them is something that is possible. For more information on this, my book The Canine Connection is available here.

Repetition is another pillar of dog psychology for training. Repetition is needed for the dog to learn and understand the commands. There is a fine balance in the time and length of training and the amount of repetition to avoid a dog and owner becoming frustrated. A dog trainer in Orange County like me can help you find the sweet spot.

Another pillar of dog psychology for training is timing. When you try to discipline your dog too late they will not understand the consequence. Learning how dogs think can help you understand when you need to act and not react.

A working dog is a happy dog

Today, many dogs have a job. Like most people, when dogs are feeling useful they are easier to train and are better behaved. Even a dog that is a little rough around the edges can be trained and can complete jobs. This is not always the prestigious jobs such as a seeing eye dog, service dog, or a police and military canine. Many canines are herders by their natural instincts, and they can be trained for this job. A dogs’ sense of smell can also be used to give a dog a job, such as tracking.

One-on-one training

With so many things to consider when training a dog, it is important to find the right dog trainer in Orange county. There are many options to train your dog in order to accommodate your needs. One of the best ways is a one-on-one training session. This allows you and your dog to learn all the tips and tricks, working with the trainer to ensure that you both have all the skills and knowledge necessary to be successful. The trainer may come to you so that you can train in the comfort of your own home.

Online is also an option. This is done through on demand programs and videos. This style allows you to train in the comfort of your home or from anywhere at any time.

Training can be done for any dog, any breed and any issue. For more information about my services as a celebrity dog trainer in Orange County, click here.

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