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Dogs are a miracle of nature. Having been domesticated thousands of years ago, dogs are the ever present companion of humankind, and what is better than extending that love they have for us, but treating them with respect and helping good dogs become great dogs? Through dog training in Orange County, you can become a hero to your dog, building up a strong relationship, and helping them better enjoy life free from chaos and shelters; safe within your home, and enjoying their life with you.

Breaking with Traditional Training

A majority of dog schools all use the same methods, and while they can be successful sometimes, there are better options for one-on-one dog training in Orange County. Your furry friend needs to learn more than how to sit, or how to stay. You need to teach them a way of life, and through training with your dog, you get trained too in how to maintain your relationship with your pup.

I’m Ryan Matthews, also known as the K-9 Mentalist. I have spent years refining my methods of dog training, starting in the military with elite Army K-9s and continuing with over 3,000 civilian dogs after my service. Through my vast experience I have learnt a lot about dogs, about myself, and how building relationships with dogs can enrich both the dog and the owner.Dog Training in Orange County

There are four main sections to the K-9 Mentalist’s proven formula, RCTR:

• Repetition
• Consistency
• Timing
• Reward

Just like how humans learn, if you only teach to one core pillar of education, then you are not going to get the results that you desire. My dog training in Orange County begins with repetition; a dog isn’t going to learn a new skill or command phrase the first time it’s used. Instruction needs to be repetitive and ongoing. A single command with proper repetition should take about 10 to 15 minutes in your training sessions. Too much time spent on the same command, though, can lead to frustration and boredom, so switching it up is important.

Beyond repetition is consistency, always following through with commands to the conclusion, so your pupper understands the connection between command and behavior. Like most animals, dogs are opportunistic, so don’t give them a reason to disobey you.

Next you have timing. You need to correct or reward within a second of a bad or good result in order for your dog to make the connection in their mind, and to correct their behavior. If you don’t witness a mistake, don’t correct it as it’s already too late for them to understand. Correct immediately when you do witness.

Reward immediately with soft treats. Hard chewing just breaks the flow of the training sessions as they crunch down. Dogs understand rewards of every size equally, so filling them up with a constant supply of large treats is just going to result in them getting a tummy ache, so save yourself the mess and them the pain by sticking with small soft treats throughout sessions.

Proper Training for Proper Results

Many people have very busy lives, especially those in demanding jobs or jobs with a lot of travel, such as celebrities. This is where professional dog training in Orange County comes in. I have experience in training dogs – and their owners – from all walks of life. From the retiree that is home all day with their pup to the celebrity always on the go, I provide paw-some results tailored to your situation.

Almost no dog is beyond help when it comes to training, especially employing the RCTR formula. Using my proven methods, you’ll be the hero in their life that never gave up. Almost 90% of dogs returned to shelters are untrained, because their owners were not able, or willing to put in the time to get proper training to teach the dog obedience and correct their bad behavior. The dog itself isn’t “bad,” they just lack the proper training. My RCTR method solves this.

Training the Mind

Through training with your dog, you’ll learn a life lesson that I learnt during my time in the army, and after the army – working with your dog to better their life, betters your life. Training with dogs helped me cope with PTSD that came with my time in service, but many people have mental health issues all over America. Something that helps many, and could help countless more, is a meaningful relationship built through learning and training alongside a K-9.

As the K-9 Mentalist, I reinforce these ideas through TEDx talks, where I am joined on stage by my dog Zeus. My dog shows the crowd his learned behavior and I talk about how dogs have affected my in paw-sitive ways. You also learn ways to overcome and adapt through life lessons dogs can teach their owners.

About World of Dog

I have been training dogs since 2002, starting with elite Military Working Dogs, and continuing with civilian dogs. With a success rate of over 99%, World of Dog can help make your good dog great and ensures you won’t have a ruff time. World of Dog dog training in Orange County won’t just mean your dog is trained, but will also make sure that when the program is done, you are a confident dog handler.

Areas Served:

We offer dog training in the following cities and counties in California, Florida, and New York.

Cities: Huntington Beach, Laguna Beach, Newport Beach, Los Angeles, Miami, New York, San Diego, San Francisco

Counties: Orange County, Los Angeles County, San Diego County, San Francisco County, Miami-Dade County

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