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Top 10 Dog Training Secrets

How We Are Different

Modern Balanced Dog Training

We believe there is more than one way to get the end result. We teach you and your dog the method and approach that you feel happy and confident using, with super fast results.

We Teach You To Speak Dog

A huge part of our system is to honor the dog in front of us. That means we teach you to tune into what your dog is saying through it’s body language, soul and energy. It’s so cool once you do it, you may get the chills.


Focused On Your Priorities

Our dog training isn’t cookie cutter. We learn what your priorities are and make them our priority as well. That means our programs are focused on the things that you want improved. We won’t waste your time teaching things you don’t want to learn. Remember it’s “Training For The Real World”


Services to Bark About

Become a Certified
Dog Trainer School

Own a dog training business in your area, we teach you marketing, sales and hands on experience training dogs.

Whether you have no dog training experience or are currently working for a dog training business this is for you. Maybe you’ve dreamt of becoming a dog trainer but it felt overwhelming or you thought there was no money to be made. We think you’ll be happily surprised at what’s possible. Seriously, you can make doctor and attorney money doing something you love! If you’re worried you’ll be left on your own, you can have peace in knowing you are stepping into a family and culture at World of Dog Training that wants to see you thrive and shine. We get it, it can be scary doing something new, but our system has worked with many people before you and it will work for you too. Not only will you work with 20 dogs during our two weeks of hands on training dogs, you will also learn the newest approaches in marketing. We also give you extensive sales training via role playing, listening to recorded sales calls and sales scripts that have been proven to work time and time again. We know what you are thinking, this sounds like a franchise, it’s not. However, it may be the opportunity you’ve been wanting for a long time!

Private 1-on-1 Dog Training

We work with you and coach you and your dog!

Finding yourself at a loss with what to do about your dog’s naughty behavior, especially with all the noise and self- proclaimed dog pros online? If you value your time and want to get to the good stuff with lasting results in warp speed then private one on one lessons are for you. You’ll discover our time tested and proven results system 3-D Learning ™. The best part of it all is you’ll see results during your first lesson. This program is ideal for those that value the high quality of customer experience, results and a white glove service. This program is available world-wide for select clients. If you want to take your knowledge, bond and results with your dog to levels you didn’t even know were possible it’s right here in front of you. We know one thing for sure, if you stay where you’re at nothing will change. It’s time to take action to turn your good dog into a great dog! Life is too short to struggle with your dog!

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Ryan Mathews | Celebrity Dog Trainer | Become a Certified Dog Trainer


About World of Dog Training

World of Dog Training is a heart centered, results-driven dog training company focused on ensuring you and your dog walk away without being tied to a leash! Our system has been proven to be successful 99% of the time with 1000’s of dogs having more freedom, much happier, obedient and confident! We want to see you wagging your tail with excitement, confident in your ability to understand your pup so you can effectively communicate and enjoy each other to the fullest.

No more chasing Fido out of the house after he’s peed on the carpet… again! It’s time to teach your “good boy” how to be GREAT, something we’ve mastered at WODT – and something that you can master too! Life is too short to struggle with your dog. We take pride in transforming the life of dogs and their owners, we hope you’ll be next!

Our approach to training continues to evolve. We call it training for the real world. That means we want you to have your dream dog with you wherever you go. Imagine having a dog you incorporate into your active lifestyle, and the thought of leaving him/her at home because of their naughtiness is a thing of the past. Our dog training school offers 1-on-1, in-person lessons around the globe (yep, Ryan is committed to your and your K9 and will travel anywhere in the world to see you both succeed!), along with an all inclusive board and train program where your dog actually lives with a dog trainer 24/7, a growing library of e-courses (DIY Dog Training On-Demand Videos), a 30 day Train The Trainer School where we certify you as a dog trainer and help you earn over $100,000 a year, and lastly dog training books written by our Head Trainer and Founder, Ryan Matthews.

We are veteran owned and operated. Our Head Trainer, Ryan Matthews, has been training dogs since 2002. He began his career in dog training with training and handling elite Military Working Dogs (MWDs). While in the Army, he performed bite protection training, bomb threat sweeps, secret service missions, and combat deployment to Iraq (with his MWD, Zito) where he worked with Special Forces and Infantry units.

Upon the completion of our program, you will not just be a dog owner, you will be a successful and confident dog handler. Trust us when we say, the difference truly is priceless! Not only will your pup be obedient off leash (even with distractions), you will be able to incorporate your dog into your lifestyle – hiking, enjoying time at your favorite café, even working at the office. And the real kicker? We will clear up common misconceptions about dog behavior by teaching you dog psychology. Where we stand out from other conventional dog training is we teach you to speak dog. Seriously, our founder Ryan Matthews has cracked the canine code and we stand ready to share it with you. You will also learn to speak to your dog without saying a word and understand him/her at a level that is so deep and special you may get the chills!


When you follow our carefully crafted system for success, we guarantee results.

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Ryan Mathews | Celebrity Dog Trainer | Become a Certified Dog Trainer

Our training system has produced life changing results for both humans and their dogs

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