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Owning your own World of Dog Training location means investing in an industry that has seen explosive growth that continues to rise. Owning your own dog training business allows you to combine passion for dogs with a lucrative career opportunity.

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Why invest in the pet industry?

The pet industry has seen constant growth since 1994 and continues to expand as people’s relationships to dogs continues to become closer than ever. Even in challenging times, the love for pets remains unwavering. Forbes reports that a remarkable 92% of pets owners maintained or increased their spending on their furry companions during the recent recession. The demand for dog training services is surging as people prioritize the well-being of their beloved pets like never before.

47% of Households in USA have dogs

Dogs are the most popular pet in the U.S. (65,1 million U.S. house holds own a dog)

Pet Industry is a $137 Billion dollaer market in the USA, don't miss out

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Our training program

We believe that we can make a real impact in the lives of dogs and their owners, helping good dogs become great. Dog training plays a vital role in the success of an owner-dog relationship and helps keep dogs out of the shelters. Our program equips you to train and understand the psychology of any kind of dog, whether they are aggressive or puppies, with a balanced approach to training.

Become a trainer in 60 days

Our training program is a full time commitment with 2 weeks of virtual learning and 2 weeks of hands on training with 20 dogs in Huntington Beach, CA.

Building your business

Our program will train you or your trainers to become a certified dog trainer while also equipping you with the business skills to set your location and business up for success. We are invested in ensuring our location owners learn everything there is to know about both dogs and running a dog training business.

Driving demand for your training services

  • Access to World of Dog Training brand
  • Generate leads for your business every month
  • Learn marketing strategies that cost $0
  • Own a 60 mile radius territory in your city

Scaling your revenue

  • White glove call center to book consultations, with <24 hour follow up guarantee
  • 90% minimum sales conversion system
  • Average trainer/WODT owner generates $15,000 per month

Join a community of peers

  • On going monthly virtual calls with trainers like you
  • 24/7 support on WODT owners WhatsApp group

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Google Reviews

Callie Vitalo
Callie Vitalo
Ryan was amazing! He provided personalized and effective training for my puppy with behavioral issues, and helped me understand my role as a first time puppy owner. I saw results within just a few minutes of working with him! Super helpful and knowledgeable. I will definitely continue to work with Ryan.
Tracy Amundson
Tracy Amundson
Ryan Matthews has been helping us train our Belgian Malinois puppy since May. His experience and knowledge has been key to our success in raising our dog. We will continue training with him for lifetime of our dog and I would recommend him to any pet owner with any type of dog or puppy any breed.
Mel Rozzante
Mel Rozzante
Ryan Matthews from World of Dog Training has truly transformed my relationship with myself and my beloved canine companion. Prior to seeking his expertise, I was at a loss as to how to address my dog's behavioral issues and lack of responsiveness. Little did I know that my dog had the potential to be great, not just good! I just needed to be willing and able to learn how to expand my mindset to gain a deeper understanding of my dog's psychology. I am eternally grateful for the tools provided by Ryan, as well as his invaluable insights and knowledge on how to establish a healthier dynamic between myself and my puppy in the long run, even after training is done. Through Ryan's guidance, I underwent a profound shift in mindset, energy, presence, and leadership. His teachings not only helped me immensely but also had a profound impact on the lives of my two closest friends and their dogs! We are overjoyed and ecstatic with the life changing shift we have experienced. We can now enjoy walks together, creating beautiful memories that were once unimaginable. Armed with this newfound understanding, we are now equipped to navigate our relationship with our dogs in a way that fosters mutual growth, harmony, peace and happiness. The impact he has had on our lives is priceless, and we will forever be grateful for his expertise and dedication. I cannot recommend Ryan highly enough for anyone seeking to enhance their relationship with their furry companions.
Kristina Black
Kristina Black
I was fortunate to be introduced to Ryan’s Train-the-Trainer program at the perfect time. I knew I needed to change careers, and as an avid dog-lover, this program was perfect! I had the opportunity to train various types of dogs, all with unique behavior challenges. Ryan is supportive and clear in his instruction, and watching him work dogs is nothing short of incredible. In addition to training dogs, Ryan provides well-rounded instruction on the business side of things. This really helped build my confidence, as I was new to owning a business and everything that comes with it. My favorite part about this program is that Ryan places as much emphasis on who we show up as before training as he does the training itself. I left this program with a better understanding of dogs, business, and myself. If you are interested in owning your own dog training business, this is the best program you’ll find.
Taryn Williams
Taryn Williams
I can't say enough positive things about my experience with World of Dog Training! I initially started training my dogs, Mika and Jarvis, with Alex in South OC. She recommended that I take advantage of a session with Ryan and a new trainer. I'm so glad I did! During the session, we focused on helping Jarvis, my anxious and reactive dog, become more comfortable with simple commands like "place" and "stay" in a new environment. It was quite hot outside, but despite the challenges, we made significant progress in just one session. I was truly impressed with the results. The trainers, including Ryan, Alex, and the new trainer, were incredibly knowledgeable, patient, and attentive to both me and my dog's needs. They made sure to create a supportive and positive learning environment, which helped my dog feel at ease. Before the session, Ryan even shared a copy of his book, "The Canine Connection," which turned out to be a fantastic resource for gaining knowledge on dog behavior and various training techniques. The training experience exceeded my expectations in every way. I could see the genuine passion they have for their work, and their approach is comprehensive and individualized. They truly understand that every dog is unique and requires tailored training methods. I highly recommend World of Dog Training to all dog owners. Whether you have a puppy or a more challenging case like my anxious Jarvis, these trainers will help you build a strong bond with your furry companion while achieving significant behavior improvements. Thank you, World of Dog Training, for your exceptional work and dedication to improving the lives of dogs and their owners! #WorldOfDogTraining #DogTrainingExperts #HighlyRecommended
Danielle Matonis
Danielle Matonis
Ryan and his team performed an impressive demo with our dog, who has been struggling with reactivity and fear of people. They were incredibly knowledgeable and patient explaining their training philosophy, and we could see right away the possibilities with their training strategies. They clearly care about dogs and training their people to be better.
Frohar Osmani
Frohar Osmani
I came all the way from the Bay to LA to train with World of dog training. My main concern was setting boundaries with my pups. Correcting their walking and making sure they stay at one place. I definitely learned some techniques and received the right tools to help with that. My pups did great, and by the end of my session I saw a different behavior. The result was a calm and relaxing environment without them jumping for attention, roaming around marking territory. I am impressed. World of dog training also gave me extra tools to take home with me and learn tricks and techniques to continue the training on my own.
Debra D
Debra D
My husband and I are so grateful to Ryan! We have a small Maltese Pomeranian (multipom) mixed dog named Osi who is 8 years old. He’s sweet, and territorial, he has taken his job of protecting the house too far. He barks at anyone who enters the house and has bitten some of our friends and family members multiple times. He will listen to my husband-for the most part, but doesn’t quite listen to me and my daughter. I took him to world of dog training because I was tired of feeling powerless and frustrated. After only one lesson with Ryan I already see results and can’t express my gratitude enough! With just 1 lesson I am wowed by the results of his training. His training is life changing to our family! And I’ll be referring everyone and their mamas to him! Thank you
Eric Swainston
Eric Swainston
Ryan and his team are incredible. His experience and understanding of dogs is immediately apparent. After having him help me with my dog, I can say with confidence that you can expect success when you have him help you with yours. His decisiveness paired with his calm demeanor are impressive. Thank you Ryan!