Expand your pet business with a new revenue stream.

Are you ready to take your business to new heights of success? Elevate your offerings and create a truly exceptional experience for both dogs and their owners with our exclusive professional training services.

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Make your business a one-stop dog shop

Whether you are a veterinarian, own a dog day care, or a pet spa you can increase your revenue by expanding the services you offer to pet parents.

Stand out from the competition

Set your business apart by offering a complete package of services. With our professional training program, you’ll attract discerning dog owners who are looking for a comprehensive solution that addresses their pet’s physical, mental and behavioral needs.

Boost Revenues Streams

Expand your business opportunities by tapping into the lucrative dog training market. Training services provide an additional revenue stream that can significantly impact your bottom line. Make your business thrive financially while making a positive impact on the lives of countless dogs.

Invest in Proven Expertise

Our network of trainers have a successful track record in helping dogs of all breed, ages, and temperaments thrive. We utilize effective, balanced dog training methods that create lasting results for dogs and their owners.

Why choose World of Dog Training?

World of Dog Training not only provides a complete training system for your trainers, but also teaches you how to market and sell these services to your customers.

Invest & train

  • Access to World of Dog Training brand and business coaching
  • Participate in virtual and on-location training
  • Learn marketing strategies and lead generation
  • Own a 60 mile radius territory in your city

Scaling your revenue

  • White glove call center to book consultations, with <24 hour follow up guarantee
  • 90% minimum sales conversion system
  • Average trainer/WODT owner generates $15,000 per month

Join a community of peers

  • Join monthly virtual calls with trainers like you
  • 24/7 support on WODT owners WhatsApp group

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Interested in learning more?

We’re looking for entrepreneurial individuals who have the ambition to own their own dog training business. Schedule a call with us to see if we would be a good fit for one another.

Hear from our trainers

Our Approach is heart-centered with a proven system for results

Personalized Approach

Throw out the cookie cutter! We believe in dog training for the real world, understanding that each dog is unique. Our methods allow you to tailor training based on each dog’s individual goals and priorities. With our guidance, you’ll achieve remarkable results for both owners and pets.

Reliable System

Our program provides the roadmap to a rewarding and fulfilling career as a dog trainer. Our proven training system will give you confidence to work with all types of dogs – young, senior, hyper, shy, or aggressive. Deliver results that empower pet owners to unlock their dog’s full potential and enjoy a harmonious relationship with their furry companions.

Dog-Centric Philosophy

At World of Dog Training, we believe in doing what’s right, fair, and the best for the dog. Our culture of care and compassion ensures that every training session is a positive and enjoyale experience for both dogs and their owners.

What to expect from the program?

Online course

200 page training workbook & over 200 training support videos on demand.

On-site training

Two weeks of training in Huntington Beach, CA where we will work with a variety of dogs with various behavioral issues.

Ongoing support

Marketing, sales, and business administration support to work towards your go-to-market launch…and beyond!

Think you might be a good fit?

We are always looking for passionate individuals to join our community. If you think this might be you, learn more about the next steps by clicking the button below

Become a Trainer Frequently Asked Questions

Business-to-business FAQs: Grow your business with dog training services