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A dog can be your best friend, but that relationship can be easily ruined when the dog owner does not take the time to really get to know and understand their pet. When you love your dog and think of that dog as part of the family, then you will understand how important it is that the dog is well trained, loved, and understood. Dog training in Fountain Valley can give you and your pup a paw-sitive relationship.

Some may believe that dog training is just a method of destroying the inner dog. That isn’t true. In fact, it is the opposite. Dog training in Fountain Valley is a way of connecting and protecting that inner spirit. Dogs love to work with people, and people who love dogs love to work with canines for the betterment of everyone involved. Just think of the consequences to the animal when the family dog, or when a working dog, is untrained and poorly behaved. The family does not want to remain with that dog and if it is a working dog that is unsure how to behave, that is also a big problem.

Affordable training and proper skills are essential

Sometimes dogs are adopted, but it doesn’t work out and they have to be returned to the shelter. Most of the dogs that are returned are not trained and that is the main reason that the adoption did not work. The dog’s new family did not understand that dog training is a vital and necessary part of the relationship. Yes, working with the dog takes work, but it is fun and rewarding for everyone. Don’t forget that anyone can learn to be a great dog trainer in Fountain Valley, especially when they work with an experienced trainer with proven methods.

Get your puppy’s tail wagging!

Just like people, dogs are not born knowing what they want to do in life, and they certainly don’t know anything about the best way to get what they want. They need a dog trainer to work with them. Because just like people, dogs need to be shown, taught, understood and mentored in order to bring out their best. A great dog trainer in Fountain Valley understands the dog from the inside out. They seem like they can really get inside the mind of the dogs they are working with to understand the animal and to help the dog understand what their people want.

But if you feel as if you are barking up the wrong tree when it comes to working with your dog, what can you do?

If you are looking for help in training your dog, then contact me, the K-9 Mentalist. With over 3,000 successful dogs (and owners!) trained using my unique method, I can help you and your dog have the relationship you both deserve. I’m the dog trainer in Fountain Valley that can work with you one-on-one, or you can go at your own pace using my online DIY dog training school.

Don’t just train your dog, communicate with your dog!

As the K-9 Mentalist I have the ability to work with your dog on a physiological level. Dogs are very intelligent, and they care about people as much as people care about them. We were born to be each others companions, we simply don’t have the same language. They bark, we speak! But with the right training, dog and owner can understand each other.

I don’t just train dogs. My winning formula based is based on RCTR. This stands for Repetition, Consistency, Timing and Reward. It’s great for dogs, as it inspires them and brings out their best, but honestly, it does the same for their humans as well!

People bring dogs into their lives for a variety of reasons. Dogs are great pets, but people are also drawn to that level of intelligence that wants to put dogs to work. A working dog has something to do, and a purpose in life, and a confident dog trainer can tap into that skill.

Don’t give up on your dog. There is no need to be embarrassed, or angered by your pup’s behaviour anymore. You can learn from World of Dog’s services and from watching, listening and reading the videos, podcasts and lessons available on my site. Whether you are looking for an obedient dog who obeys and delivers on and off the leash, or if you really admire those who can bring out more in their dog, like working dogs, rescue dogs, or dogs who can take part in a sport, then remember that this is the result of a well-trained dog and trainer in equal parts.

To learn more about how any dog can get paw-sitive results from training, click here. World of Dog helps dog owners in Fountain Valley, Orange County and across the state.

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