How to Become a Dog Trainer

When Myself Ryan Matthews tell people I’m a professional dog trainer, you would think I had just told them I’m a magician. It seems to catch people’s attention, and I receive a litany of enthusiastic questions about my career, with many people wishfully expressing how that’s a job they would love. If you fall into this category I have great news! I can teach you How To Become A Dog Trainer.

It is amazing to me how many people think a successful profession in dog training is unreachable, or a job only for a talented few. While people admire what I do, most dismiss the idea that they could ever succeed as a dog trainer themselves. I would like to encourage you to follow your dreams no matter how attainable it may seem. It would bring me great joy to share my gift of understanding dogs and business with your and teach you how to become a Dog Trainer In Orange County!

I want you to know it’s not that difficult to become a Best dog trainer. The barrier to entry isn’t nearly as complicated as one may think, but it is good to first assess if you are cut out for this kind of work. When I hire a trainer or speak with someone who wants to pursue their own dog training business, I look for a genuine love of dogs. It is important because that natural love will come out when you go to a client’s house and interact with a pet. They can see your sincerity towards their animal and the dog can tell if you genuinely care about it. You need to bond with the dog because you will be asking it to work for you. Along with loving dogs, I also look for someone who likes animals in general, having a special place in their heart for other living beings, particularly animals. It may seem obvious, but to assess how much dogs and animals actually interest you is essential before pursuing a career in dog training. There are those who like the idea of being a Dog Trainer, and there is certainly good money to be made, which is the motive for considering it as a livelihood.

In addition to having a knack for interacting with dogs, you also need to be self- motivated. I can give someone all the tools and instruction they need to be successful, but it will be up to the individual to implement them. There are dog trainers that work for Pet Smart and other stores or trainers who have their own business, and then there are trainers who buy into a franchise that tells them everything they need to do, as well as provide all the printed material, branding, etc. Your level of self-motivation will determine how independently you can operate in this profession. The more independent you are; the more money you can make!

I enjoy training animals, but I take pleasure in training or coaching people just as much. I am the kind of person who wants to give my knowledge to others. In fact, I’m even willing to train a dog trainer in my local city and not view it as competition because there are so many dogs out there, and no shortage of business. When I first began the franchise, I was bothered when I saw other dog training businesses open, but now I know better. Just as there are Starbucks on many corners in a city, there is plenty of business for all dog trainers.

You may be asking yourself, “What steps should I take next to become a dog trainer?” I would recommend studying the various training methods more in-depth. Never allow yourself to form an opinion until you have nearly made a science or something. To do so, one must study a craft, put it to the test, assess the results and come up with alternative ways of doing it. Going to dog parks and observing dogs is a great way to learn behavior. Bring a pad of paper and write notes; try to predict a dog’s personality. I have even gone up to a pet owner and asked if I could help them with the dog’s pulling on the leash, just to see if I could do it. It’s important to be hungry for knowledge, but don’t rush it because there is no substitute for experience.

In addition to watching dogs, observe their owners. Through close observation you will notice important things, like how they walk their dog; for example, is the leash hand/arm up at a 90-degree angle and the shoulders stiff and tense? You may also hear the funny things pet owners say to their dogs. They may talk to their canine companion in sentences. Although the dog can pick up on the gist of what the owner’s mood is, the typical dog will not know a command that is a sentence long. Remember to keep things manageable, and when teaching something new, focus on simple to complex.

To be successful with tough cases, you will have to learn Diy Dog Training I have had numerous vicious dogs attempt to attack me. The important thing to keep in mind when working a tough, aggressive case is to plan for the worst and hope for the best. Know your limitations, the dog’s boundaries, and the owner’s abilities as well. It’s okay to say you don’t feel comfortable training a particular dog. Honestly, I have turned an aggressive case down before, it was due to my evaluation of the owners which created doubt in them.

Go to seminars from various types of trainers, not the same person or people, otherwise, your sphere of learning is limited. One can learn from the sports dog world, working dog world, confirmation/show dog scene, and even the novice handler. To get your momentum, target seminars in which you are most interested. Eventually, it will be crucial to attend training demonstrations on shelter dogs, fearful canines, reactive dogs, and aggressive cases as well.

If you are turned off by all the hard work of trying to figure things out on your own, don’t worry; if you so choose, you can benefit from my years of experience and learn from my mistakes along with the successes. I enjoy helping people and take pride in assisting others in achieving their goals.

If you are interested in becoming a dog trainer, or are currently a trainer needing help with growing your business, visit my website to learn about World Of Dog Training Coaching which teaches dog training either virtually or in-person and includes a Dog Training Business Basics program where I can help you develop and grow a Dog Training in Los Angeles business covering everything you need to start and grow a successful training company: from branding to lead generation to advanced sales technique and strategic partnerships.

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