Meet the Trainer: WODT Case Studies

Meet Alex Mena

Owner of WODT South Orange County

What: Alex was working an accounting job making less than $2,500 a month.

Why: Alex did dog training research online for 5 years to stop her dogs leash reactivity issues.

How: Alex hired founder Ryan Matthews and in 4 lessons she was able to control her dog. The first time Ryan saw Alex walk her dog he told her she had the potential to be a dog trainer. Within months Alex took the leap of faith to leave her job, become a business owner and successful dog trainer. To date her highest sales in one day is $10,000 (four times what she made in one month).

Meet Kj Prince

Owner of WODT Nashville

What: Kj was a Sheriff working in a prison. He always wanted to be in law enforcement but didn’t have much time for his wife and didn’t have freedom to make his own schedule.

When: Once KJ got this lab puppy Kamo, he discovered how much he enjoyed training Kamo new tricks. He felt joy and peace working with Kamo as it was a great break away from the prison work environment.

Why: Kj and his wife both agreed that it was best for the quality of life of their family, Kj’s safety and happiness to get out of law enforcement and do something that he was passionate about, something that was fun, didn’t feel like work, still able to serve his community, and making 5x more than he was as a full time sheriff.

How: After becoming certified from WODT dog trainers school, KJ made $9,000 in one week. During the WODT monthly support meetings KJ often says “Ryan you changed my life”.

Meet Kim Prapavat

Owner of WODT South Bay LA

What: Kim has been in the dog industry for years. She went to ABC (animal behavioral college) yet didn’t feel like she was getting any new clients and didn’t feel confident in her dog training abilities.

When: When Ryan met Kim he saw the potential in her. She was driven, intelligent, athletic, had a lot of experience, yet she didn’t know the business end of dog training nor marketing and sales.

Why: After going to ABC and working with another dog trainer that was supposed to mentor her with not much success, Kim decided to take the leap of faith to join the WODT team. Kim finds the bi-weekly zoom meeting the support and sense of family she was looking for. Kim considers Ryan her mentor, but Ryan considers Kim a one of a kind friend, talented dog trainer and amazing human being.

How: Kim has grown as a business owner, personally and professionally she is breaking her own records. She recently opening a dog training facility, started a breeding program and a typical month for her is about $15,000.

Meet Jordan Lee

Owner of WODT Northwest Arkansas

What: Jordan wanted to invest six figures into a dog facility with limited experience. He does spend a lot of time at his PSA club teaching his dog personal protection but that type of dog training was always just a hobby to him.

When: After getting on a call with Jordan, Ryan could feel Jordans passion for dog training come through the phone.

Why: Jordan always found peace and comfort in working with dogs as a hobby so he thought it would be a great idea to pursue it as a full time career. His previous work left him feeling empty at the end of the day. That’s why he decided to turn his passion into his purpose all while gaining freedom to make his own schedule which meant more time with his newborn child and wife.
How: Jordan’s work ethic, drive and passion to train dogs is second to none. Jordan continues to experience how applying his hard work with the proven business and dog training system at WODT, allows him to be a successful dog trainer in a short amount of time.

Meet Ryan Matthews

Founder of World of Dog Training (WODT)

What: Ryan is a former Army combat K-9 handler turned pet celebrity dog trainer.

Why: After doing about 10 dog training lessons a dog and reaching burn out Ryan got a back to back near death diagnosis of stage 3 colon cancer and heart attack at the age of 30. That’s when Ryan decided to develop a dog training system where he could still help the masses and reduce the number of dogs euthanized very year. That’s when WODT was born, this way Ryan could others what he has done to be massively successful, which gives new trainers a great career, they in turn help their community of frustrated dog owners, who then help bring peace to confused dogs and ensuring they don’t go to the shelter and possibly euthanized. It’s a 4 way wins!

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