How a Dog Trainer in Coto De Caza, Can Help You Give Your Dog its Best Life

So many people have dogs. A lot of them make it look so easy! That guy who breezes by on his skateboard with his pooch running next to him, or the couple at the dog park whose furry friend had a playdate with some other dogs. How do you get to that point with your pooch?

Whether you’ve had dogs for years or are just thinking of adopting, it’s not always easy to train your dog. It can depend on the dog, their background, their breed and personality, and what they’ve been through. You may not even know what their background is. Maybe you’re aware of these things already, but did you know, training your dog can also be affected by what you’ve been through and your personality?

No matter where you two have come from, you’re coming together now and it’s time you get to know each other. Even if you’ve had your dog for a while already, you still have the opportunity to learn about them and what they need for you to build a special friendship.

Here are some of the ways I, the K9 Mentalist and dog trainer in Coto De Caza, can help you and your dog build that bond.

Preparing for Your New Furry Friend

First things first. If you don’t already have a furry pal by your side and are considering getting one, here’s information to help you get started. Before talking about where to go and how to choose your dog, you have to make sure you can afford one.

It can be expensive, and you need to make sure you are prepared to give your dog everything it needs to be healthy. This is something I, an experienced dog trainer in Coto De Caza, can help you with. Once you’ve figured that out, you can go choose your dog.

If you decide to go to a shelter, keep in mind that many of the dogs have been through something in their past that may have been traumatic. They may have never had any training in their lives or have been neglected in other ways. This means more training and higher quality training. With my experience as a dog trainer in Coto de Caza, I can help.

Another important thing to consider is whether you have enough space for your new furry family member. Regardless of what they’ve been through, it’s good for your dog to have lots of room to run around, exercise, play, and be a dog. Dogs need things to do just like humans. So, it’s important that you make sure you have everything you need for them before taking the plunge and choosing a dog.


What kind of pet parent are you? Are you active? Do you like going out? Would you like your favorite furry buddy to go places with you? Do you have a large family and kids? If so, then socializing is an important aspect of training and something that I as a dog trainer in Coto De Caza can help you with. Even if you’re not that social yourself, you still want to allow your dog to feel comfortable around other people.

There are many different things to consider when socializing your pooch. From what leash to use to body language, each detail is important to ensure your dog’s safety as well as your safety. For example, injuries have occurred when people got caught up in the leash because it was a dangerous one to use. Some leashes can even have mortal consequences for your dog. No matter how well you think you know your dog, they may suddenly start running and catch you off guard. It’s important to be prepared with the proper training. That’s an important reason for a dog trainer in Coto De Caza. If you’re ready to jump in and find out more right away, we already have a Dog Socializing Guide up on the blog for you to take a look at.


It may not be just the commonly known obedience type of training you may have been thinking of when you found this page. This whole article so far has been about training but what about your classic “Sit!” “Stay!” and “Roll Over!” Those are important too, but as the K9 Mentalist, I can assure you, it goes further than that.

Part of what goes into training your dog is learning about them and how they think. It’s very important to understand dog psychology. The better we understand how they function, the better we can respond to them in a way that will resonate. It’s time to learn their lingo so you don’t end up barking up the wrong tree!

Dog psychology may be already familiar to you but here’s something you may never have heard before. Did you know that it’s not good to console your dog when they’re nervous or upset? The message the dog receives when you do this is that you are happy that they are upset or nervous. You are reinforcing that you want them to be in this state. Sounds crazy, but the reason is that dogs don’t think as we do. This is why it’s so important to have a dog trainer in Coto De Caza that knows canine psychology.

As you can see, there’s a lot of learning required for training a dog. It all starts with you. If you can take care of yourself and maintain a healthy calm mind, then you will be able to train your dog. That’s what I learned while spending years professionally developing skills as a dog trainer in Coto De Caza. I started by training Military Working Dogs in the Army and eventually created World of Dog Training. As the K9 Mentalist, I offer the highest standard training available so you can give your dog a paw-some life. World of Dog Training clients have created bonds and best friends in their furry companions. You can find more about what our clients are saying on the Barkimonials page. Find out more about me and World of Dog Training here.

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