A New Approach to Dog Training Fountain Valley

Your dog is part of your family. They may be a new addition with plenty of excitement in the world around them. They may be older and in need of some new tricks to keep them young. Whatever they are, no matter the breed, the age or the background, your dog can benefit from a radical new approach to dog training. Fountain Valley residents in particular have access to a new way of dog training that won’t just help their best friend behave better, they can transform their own lives as well.

My name is Ryan Matthews. I’m the K9 Mentalist, a dog trainer and veteran who has developed an innovative system for training – one that has helped thousands, including celebrities, create a stronger bond with their dogs and lead a better life. No matter your dog, this training can get you the results you want, and will have your pup wagging its tails at the end of each of your sessions. It’s a new way of dog training in Fountain Valley that residents love.

Dog Training for Owners and Their Pets

When we talk about dog training, we often think about getting a dog to change its behavior for its master. It’s as if the owner themselves have nothing to do with it! This, however, is not the best way to help a dog learn new skills and be more disciplined. The work must go both ways.

As you can discover in my many TED Talk videos and television appearances, I have learned that the very skills you need to better train your dog are the same ones you need to build and sustain a better life. This is because your dog requires focus, dedication and consistency – just like you! My method boils down to just one single acronym: RCTR. It stands for Repetition, Consistency, Timing and Reward.

Let’s break down each.

Repetition: They say practice makes perfect. For dogs, that means learning a new skill and then practicing it multiple times. Most dogs will get a skill quickly but to make sure they keep that skill, and that they can build off that skill, they need repetition to ensure it sticks. That is why I love repetition. It doesn’t just get results. It sets our furry friends up for future success.

Repetition helps in our lives as well. Without it, life gets chaotic and disorganized. It’s why many people benefit from creating repetition in their lives to help them stay focused, learn new skills and dedicate themselves to constant improvement.

Consistency: Dogs love routine, both daily and in the moment. They benefit from knowing what’s about to happen, what will happen and what comes after. Consistency is your chance to set your dog up for success and give them the parameters they need.

This applies to our lives as well. Consistency is important for training our own brains. While we need to do more complicated things than our dogs most of the time, helping our brain understand what to do and what to expect sets us up for success each and every day.

Timing: With dogs, you have about one second to connect behaviors to actions or reactions. It means that you must be present all the time when training with your dog. If you get distracted, so will they. Then, the concrete links between actions and consequences are lost. This is why timing and presence are linked. For your dog to learn something, they need you to be present and engaged.

This concept is just as important in our daily lives. We need to concretely link behaviors in our lives to the consequences, especially the good ones. Developing a way to stay focused and present in every task is the best way to improve. That doesn’t just apply to dog training. In Fountain Valley, residents know this applies to everyday activities as well.

Reward: We often rely on mountains of treats to keep our dogs interested and rewarded. There’s a good reason for this: food is a great motivator for dogs. It’s the incentive that keeps them engaged and excited about their new tasks and behaviors. I firmly believe in rewards, but they should be doled out with a simple rule: reward when you’re impressed.

Rewards for us can be more complicated, but the good news is that the benefits of RCTR actually bring their own benefits. Applied to your dog, it means better behavior. For you, it means more focus, more presence in the moment and a better outlook in life. That is why following this dog training method can be a reward in and of itself in the form of a fresh outlook and a better life.

Life Changing Dog Training – Guaranteed!

Are you tired of chasing your pup outdoors after they have an accident on your carpet for the umpteenth time? Perhaps your dog is a bit too brave when it comes to taking food from its humans. Whatever the issue, World of Dog Training is dedicated to helping your dog behave better, which is why I guarantee that our 1-on-1 sessions will bring results so long as you focus on a single issue per session.

The best part about the 1-on-1 sessions is that I can come to you for dog training. Fountain Valley residents in particular can benefit from this training, but I can come to you wherever you are, including internationally!

My individual sessions are about communication between you and your dog. It’s about more than simply changing a behavior, it’s about helping you and your dog form a deeper bond so you can both benefit from the RCTR training approach and work together for a better life. Whatever the behavior that needs correcting in that session, your dog will walk away with better skills that you can also apply to your own life.

A Different Approach to Dog Training in Fountain Valley

If you have a dog that you want to go from great to paw-some, then I can help. In addition to personalized training, I offer online sessions that you can do at your own pace. My innovative approach to dog training, which has included training dogs for bomb searches and more, will help you and your dog learn more discipline and be happier overall.

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