About Central OC Dog Trainer

Trainer’s Story

I want to make the impossible, possible for dog owners, especially the one’s living in constant fear.

I have two female Great Pyrenees, Selene (1yr) and Augustine (4mo). Selene has the greatest demeanor. she is extremely playful and goofy but can flip switch when it comes to her Pyrenees instincts. Augustine is my cuddle bug. She’ll rest her head on any part of your body when she wants affection.

I look forward to all the beautiful connections and healing process to freedom and joy. What you may feel to be impossible, i’m here to guide you to what is possible. There is a quote i love and it goes “Don’t hate the moments that shaped you to be where you are today”. Regardless of all the “oops” you’ve made with your pup in the past, we are here today to create that new path for you both. Like Will Smith says “if you’re scared to do it, do it scared”.

“Don’t hate the moments that shaped you to be where you are today”

Trainer’s Philosophy

Seeing dogs go from timid to confident, is one of my happiest moments. Their inner light shines and its one of the most contagious feeling of joy.

I’m passionate about what i do.

  • Love for dogs 100% 100%
  • Passion to help people 100% 100%
  • Motivation to train dogs 100% 100%

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