About South OC Dog Trainer

Trainer’s Story

I’m most excited to help people better their relationship with their dog! I love teaching people a clearer way to communicate with their animal, alleviating the stress and frustration that comes with an untrained dog.

I have 2 dogs! I have a lab pit mix named Bella and a chihuahua yorkie mix named Koda. I love them for so many different reasons. Obviously they’re loving and fiercely loyal… I love that Bella is always so excited to learn new things and work hard and I love that Koda has so much spunk, can be a total dork, and takes such wonderful care of his beloved squirrel toy. But on top of that they both have strong personalities and challenge me to be better every day. Their challenges led me to do 5 long years of research to better understand dog behavior and the relationship between canine and owner which ultimately brought me to my career today. They’ve completely changed my life for the better and I’m excited to see what they’ll teach me with each passing day!

  • NWe focus on Relationship Based Training & Real Life Training
  • NWe train to Result not Time
  • NAny mistake you’ve made, I’m sure I’ve made it at some point! This is a judgement free zone!
“I am humbled and honored to serve the community of South OC by opening World of Dog Training South Orange County. I couldn’t be more excited to help the people and dogs of the area find harmony within their families.”

Trainer’s Philosophy

First, our dogs and their love is a gift. Although they may only be one part of our lives, we are the entirety of theirs. The only life they know is the one we provide for them and that is both an immense responsibility and a wonderful privilege. Second, training is love. I wish cuddles and treats were enough, but the truth is, dogs need structure and guidance to feel safe and loved. If we are lucky enough to welcome a pup into our lives, we at the very least should teach them the rules of the road. They live in a world that is catered to human desires, which can be incredibly difficult to navigate as a canine. By providing training, we give our dogs an understanding of how they should operate in our society which relieves them of the need to figure it out themselves. Third, our dogs’ lives are too short to be spent frustrated and in constant battle, too short for us to not try to enjoy every minute of them; harmony should be the goal.
  • Love for dogs 100% 100%
  • Passion to help people 100% 100%
  • Motivation to train dogs 100% 100%

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