About South Bay LA/LBC Dog Trainer

Kim’s Story

In 2018, my Dad gave me a five month old female Belgian Malinois named Frankie. At the time, I was Vice President of a wholesale distribution company, where I was the primary buyer for pet products. I was fortunate enough to be able to bring Frankie to work with me everyday, but I soon discovered that she was not an ordinary “pet dog.” Frankie was not well socialized and was very reactive, meaning that she growled and lunged at strangers, barked at other dogs, and saw everyone as a threat. I did my best to educate myself about Frankie and the Belgian Malinois breed and found that I had to put a lot of work into her, or I’d have to give her up; she was a working dog that needed a job. Frankie required a lot of physical and mental stimulation, and that’s when I fell in love with dog training. After researching various dog activities, Frankie excelled in agility, frisbee, and personal protection. Working with Frankie I also discovered more about myself; I learned to be patient and present in my daily life, especially while working with people and their dogs. My long term career goal was to follow my dreams, leave my corporate job, and train dogs full time. Fast forward to 2021: I left my corporate job of 20+ years and made the decision to pursue my dreams in dog training. Everyday, I wake up excited to work with and meet new people to help them build a stronger bond with their dogs.

Kim’s Philosophy

I love connecting with my clients and seeing those “ah-ha” moments with their dogs; I love that I can be that bridge, bringing owners and their dogs closer together. I’m passionate about working with people who are invested in the relationship they have with their furry best friend. When it comes to my training approach, I believe in doing what’s best for the dog AND the owner. I believe each dog is a special and unique being, which is why my dog training philosophy is based on the ideal approach for the dog that is in front of me. If you are looking for dog training that caters to your lifestyle and offers real-world results, my coaching will be a great fit for you and your dog. Not only do I focus on the uniqueness of each dog, I also recognize the individuality of each owner. Together, we will create the ideal approach for you and your dog; we will work together to create the foundation that will enhance your relationship and focus on teamwork. The way I train will be fun and fair, with fast results and lasting obedience. All I want for you is a happy, obedient, and confident dog, both on and off leash and even around distractions!

  • Love for dogs 100% 100%
  • Passion to help people 100% 100%
  • Motivation to train dogs 100% 100%

Kim’s Experience

I have been involved in the pet industry for over 15 years. I worked as a buyer for several major pet food and product brands and have now transitioned into creating customized experiences for dogs and their owners. When it came time to train my own dog in 2018, I was coached by world renowned K9 Personal Protection trainer, Donell Watson, the founder of South Bay Malinois. There, I learned about agility training, high level obedience, and controlled aggression for the working dog breed. What I learned helped me recognize how important our relationship is with raising a confident dog. My experience is vast and includes:

Promise to You

Over the years, I learned that all dogs need structure, guidance and leadership. It is my goal to provide you and your dog(s) the support that you need to be a great leader and advocate for your dog. I will be present with you & help coach you the entire way. I am looking forward to working with clients who are dedicated to “teaching good dogs to be great”. At World of Dog Training South Bay/LBC we have a unique approach to training, and I’m committed to helping you become a confident dog owner. I’m here to empower my clients and tap into their energy with their dogs. If this sounds like a great match, I am excited to work with you and share all the knowledge and support I have to offer.

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